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Rosie’s Real Estate & Other Essentials

Every Piggy Needs Some Prime Real Estate. Here are some essentials that have made our lives better, and Rosie happier. Essentials: Rug, Tent & Rooting Box! First off, every piggy needs their own space or area, aka real estate, and Rosie has always had her area in our living room. We did have her enclosed … Continue reading Rosie’s Real Estate & Other Essentials

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Rosie’s Litter Box Idea 

It’s All About The Potty!!  I get asked a lot what worked best for a litter box for Rosie, so I decided to post this blog to help others with the same question. Remember, every mini pig is different and they all have their preferences and such. So my idea isn’t the end-all-be-all by any … Continue reading Rosie’s Litter Box Idea 

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