Have-A-Heart-Hoof Care

Hoof trimming is so essential in keeping your mini pig in good care. We struggled to be able to do Rosie’s hooves ourselves as she got bigger. I’ve tried different vets, but those experiences weren’t that great. We were running out of options and our hoof trimming skills weren’t cutting it.

Thankfully, I had heard through the pig community that Dawn & McKenzie from Have-A-Heart-Hoof care we’re traveling up and down the state of Florida (out of state as well) to trim hooves. I was so relieved to find them. When they came to my house they were so professional, kind and knowledgeable. I knew Rosie was in good hands. You know pigs, she was a drama queen at first, but settled down and then by the end she feel asleep!?!?! Lol

Let me tell you, they did an amazing job and were very thorough and educated me on hooves. I highly recommend Have-A-Heart-Hoof Care, and I’m so thankful that I found them. That’s one less thing I have to worry about in taking good care of Rosie. They are reasonably priced as well and they exceeded my expectations. We have used them again since these pictures, and Rosie is actually due for another trimming.

As a mini pig owner, you know how stressful it can be as they get bigger to get them into your vehicle and take them to a new place. Dawn & Mckenzie have taken a huge stressor off my shoulders, and I’m so thankful for that. Have-A-Heart-Hoof Care has a FB page where you can contact them and also see more or their work and happy customer reviews.



  • Nadi

    I have a sweet pot belly baby named Tofu who really needs his hooves trimmed, but hate traveling in the car. We’re in Byron, Georgia. Is there anyway you could make it out here? I will pay for the travel expenses! If not, I’m still interested in your services, as he really needs the trim and I may be able to figure out how we can best bring him there safely and comfortably.

    Thank you!

    - Nadiyasa

  • Erin Darby

    Hi my name is Erin. My potbelly pig Missy needs her hooves trimmed. I was wondering if you are going to be in the Brooksville, Springhill area anytime soon ? Please let me know . Thank you for your time ….. Erin

  • Margie Fuller Reardon

    I think I wrote down your wrong, so I hope you receive this. Moo mini pig is in need of her hoof trim. 220 pounds
    Indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

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