Guest Charity--The Food Train

Our philosophy at Snort Life is: "If You Aren't Giving, You Aren't Living." I'm a firm believer in giving back to one's community in which they live and also giving to other charities in need. That's what this page is all about, and we've picked The Food Train as our 1st charity!!

We will be GIVING 10% OF OUR SALE PROCEEDS from the Months of Sept. - Nov. from our Website & Etsy Shop to THE FOOD TRAIN!!! Yah!!!

Our dear friends, Baby Banks & The Zoo Keeper, are the master minds behind The Food Train. We're Super Excited to partner with them!!! So, please know that when you're purchasing from our shops that you are helping the lives of other pigs in need. 

The Food Train Brings Feed to Rescued Pigs & Pigs in Rescues!
•100% of donations go towards cause.
•You can use any wording off of sight.
•We suggest that you; Ask more Questions. •Read more Labels and Purchase Animal Friendly Products. It's called, Kindness Awareness.

Please, Check Out Their Website: