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Yes, I Am One Of Those Teacup Pigs T-Shirt

$ 30.99
Custom Order: Please provide your pets neck, girth and length measurements in inches. See listing pic for guidance.
A harness hole will be sewn onto your pets outfit, so you are able to snap your leash through to your harness.

How Many Times Do YOU have to Say this in a Day??? Lol Exactly!! #minipigurbanlegend These T-Shirts are like Chips, you just Can't have One!!

??CUSTOM ORDER??Custom Orders Cannot Be Returned. Please Measure Correctly--Neck, Girth, Length.

⁉️IMPORTANT⁉️: I would advise measuring at least 2-3 times since they wiggle and squirm so much (lots of Cheerios help). Each size for the t-shirt goes up by 5 inches.

To Order, please COPY, PASTE & ANSWER these questions into the Message To Seller Box at Checkout:

1. What is your piggy's NECK measurement in inches?

2. What is piggy's GIRTH (behind front legs and around) measurement in inches?

3. What is you piggy's LENGTH measurement (from the nape of their neck to where their tail begins)?

4. Yes/No for buttonhole for harness/leash attachment (sewn in on top of shirt by collar)

***See picture in listing for measuring guidance. Please use a soft measuring tape, which can be found at any Walmart or grocery store with a sewing kit.

The T-shirt is made of T-shirt fabric and the back of the top is made with 100% cotton fabric. The T-shirt isn't lined with interfacing to keep costs down to you the buyer. The T-shirt collar is trimmed with more T-shirt fabric for added detail. Adjustable Plastic Buckles and 15 inches of webbing is used for the Neck & Girth, which allows for growth and comfort.
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We use the finest materials and processes available to create our clothes:

• 100% Cotton & T-Shirt fabric
• Adjustable plastic buckles for the neck and
• Gently Hand wash/cold water/lay flat to dry

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