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Peacock Diva Skirt & Collar Set

$ 41.99
1. What is your piggy's measurement from tip of hoof all the way around to the tip of other hoof?

2. What is your piggy's leg length (see picture)?

3. What is your piggy's leg width (see picture), so I know how wide to make the pants/skirt?

4. What is you piggy's LENGTH measurement (from the nape of their neck to where their tail begins)?

5. What is your piggy's belly measurement- measure around after their potbelly ?

6. What is your piggy's NECK measurement in inches?

Take your Tutu Skirt Up A Notch with this layered Flouncy & Fluffy Chiffon Skirt!! It is Everything DIVA For Sure! The Sea Foam Green Color Just Pops!😍🐷👑

Custom Order:  
***Please use a soft measuring tape, which can be found at any Walmart or grocery store with a sewing kit.
⚠️⚠️⚠️ I would advise measuring at least 2-3 times since they wiggle and squirm so much (lots of Cheerios help). Custom orders CANNOT BE RETURNED, so please measure correctly. If you need help with measuring, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The skirt fabric band is 100% cotton and the skirt is made of chiffon and lined. The skirt is super fluffy and flouncy; it is Everything "Diva." The skirt band is lined with interfacing and accented with a glitter ribbon. The chiffon flower is connected to a glittery adjustable neck collar. 

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We use the finest materials and processes available to create our apparel:

• 100% cotton & Chiffon Tulle
• Chiffon Flower & adjustable neck collar
• Layered with thick interfacing to it retain its shape
• Belly Band Ties With Elastic
•Spot Clean
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