Life Of The Party Bow Tie Vest
Life Of The Party Bow Tie Vest
Spring Fling Bow Tie Vest - Snort Life  - 2

Life Of The Party Bow Tie Vest

$ 40.99
Custom Order: Please provide your pets neck, girth and length measurements in inches. See listing pic for guidance.
A harness hole will be sewn onto your pets outfit, so you are able to snap your leash through to your harness.
Could he be anymore handsome in this bow tie vest!?!?! The colors are so vibrant and fun! He said Sure To Be The Life Of The Party!

The vest and bow tie fabric are 100% cotton. The fabric is Spoonflower fabric, which costs more per yard and that's why the best is more expensive. The vest is adjustable to best fit your pigs neck and girth with adjustable buckles. The bow tie is glued on securely to the vest. There is a faux pocket with hankerchief and a floral pin to create more interest and cuteness.

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