His & Hers Clothes Resizing - Snort Life, Mini Pig Clothes

His & Hers Clothes Resizing

$ 7.00

This listing is for the resizing of your piggy's tops, dresses, jackets, vests that's have a Neck & Girth Closure. Usually it is for going up from one size to another such as a XS-S, S-M, M-L, etc. Going from a Small to a Large wouldn't work because the outfit wouldn't be proportionate and look funny by simply extending the neck and girth.
As a result, we recommend going up just One Size, so your piggy doesn't have a Chris Farley moment in their outfit like in the movie, Tommy Boy, with "Fat Guy in Little Coat."??

That resizing simply means me changing out the black webbing for one size up, so that your piggy's has more neck and girth room. Please message me first before purchasing this listing, so we can discuss the resizing.

Once it's a go, I'll have you mail me back your item, and then I fix it and mail it back to you. I will be using the same buckles, so if they are damaged you will need to pay extra for replacing the buckle(s). You will be paying for shipping on both sending and receiving. I recommend shipping your item USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL. I am not liable for item if I don't receive it. Make sure you get a tracking number as well. If it's a dress with tulling, please mail it in a box. I don't want the tulle to get a scrunched or messed up in the process. Since tulle is so finicky; it should be laid flat. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.