OinkBox Subscription Review

So when I got Rosie, I was naively under the impression that she would get as big as 50 pounds per the Breeder. In the way of education and information on the web, it’s no where near what’s on the web now about the truth behind how big mini pigs get or how to properly care for them. I did my research, I just didn’t really know and there wasn’t anything bad about this Breeder on the web. My Breeder is what we call a “Greeder,” they’re in it for the money and don’t care that they’re misleading you. Once I received Rosie at the airport, I never heard from the Breeder again.

Rosie’s my baby and I’ve struggled through the years to stimulate her/entertain her as she has gotten older. FOOD is always the main driver with mini pigs, lol. If they hear any inkling of a crumple of a bag or smell something….Game Over. You’ve gotta share because there is no eating alone anymore. Lol

With that being said, we finally subscribed to the OinkBox. I know, I know, lol, we are late to the game, but I had a baby and let me tell you that’s all consuming and life-changing (for the better). I never doubted it wouldn’t be anything short of awesome!!!

OinkBox didn’t disappoint!!! We just received our 2nd box and Rosie just loves what comes in her OinkBox. I’ve spent many hours looking for ways to entertain her from the web, FB page groups, friends, etc over the years. OinkBox takes having to find new ways to entertain your piggy away in one box!! We are talking down to the detail of the size of the treats that fit into the treat dispensing toys. You all KNOW PIGS ARE TOO SMART…it can’t be too easy for your piggy or they’re done with the treat toy in like 5 min, lol. We Ain’t having that, lol. You all know what I’m talking about, lol.

In the box there is a pamphlet with a description of what’s inside your box, tips for mini pig owners, and other informative information. There are a variety of things in the box and it’s always different. I look forward to when the box comes in the mail because I know Rosie appreciates the different toys and treats. I’ve seen a change in her disposition since I’ve been giving her the items out of her OinkBox. Her tail is wagging more and she’s been more interactive, moving around and happy. This box has been a blessing to us. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.

Since I’ve had my son, Greyson, Rosie has had to take a back seat to my attention. Obviously, I knew that would happen and I know she gets it on some level. I know she’s gone through a bit of a depression herself since I had my son because of the change, but that topic is for a whole other blog post on Life with a Pig… & then a Baby comes along.

OinkBox has really curated a subscription box truly meant for a mini pig. You can tell that they love their OinkBox business; I’m all about the details and it’s all wrapped up in this box. I would give them more than 5 Stars for what that have to offer in their subscription box. I’m not being paid to write this blog or anything, it’s a great box!! I just wanted to share our experience and how it’s helped us. It’s money well spent on your piggy. From one mini pig owner to another, I know we struggle to keep them active and entertained. You won’t be disappointed with your subscription.https://oinkboxstore.com/


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